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A Study of Progressions of Chi Energy in the Martial Arts

Posted by Al Case | Posted in Martial Arts | Posted on 28-05-2011



If you think the martial arts are about fighting, you are silly, indeed. They are about finding the truth of you, they are about sculpting the energy of your body, they are about finding your true potential as a person. This article is a simple breakdown of how chi energy progresses in the Martial Arts.

I should say, before we get into it, that this is idealized. Chi progression happens as I say it happens if the art(s) you are studying have not been destroyed by corruption. Unfortunately, most arts have been near destructed, and only a study of Matrixing will return them to their true worth.

We begin with Karate because it is simple, and because, having been the first martial art to hit it big in the US of A, Karate styles form an underpinning or basis for most other martial arts, even should they be starkly different in their constitution. The cultures of the world, you see, have gravitated to it, and many people have an underlying philosophy of Karate imbedded in their minds when they study other martial arts.

Karate can be said to be most concerned with explosive power. This is hard chi that is common to kenpo, taekwondo, or any art which specializes in highly skilled striking techniques. Study the explosive power of Karate and this will grow the chi power of any other art you might study.

Once one has ‘awakened’ to the potentials of energy through Karate, there are many potential paths to follow. This writer prefers the path of Shaolin, for that art provides a ‘rolling chi energy’ type of power. However, if one hasn’t become competent in Explosive Power, it can take many years, perhaps even decades, to properly develop this power.

After Shaolin one might consider a study of Pa Kua Chang. This is a more sustained type of chi power, and the energy doesn’t just go up and down the legs, it spirals through the limbs. Again, most systems have become too corrupted to teach this effectively (without many years, and even then there are problems), and one should make sure they have suspended power and rolling power first from Karate and then from Shaolin.

Finally (though this is a limited list I present) would be a study of Tai Chi Chuan. This is suspended energy, and itt is a superior form of energy in a million ways. I have met many martial artists, however, who have lacked competence simply because theydidn’t understand the early types of martial arts power mentioned in this article.

In closing, the arts are not separate, they are merely different slices of the same pie. One needs to study the whole pie if they wish to learn more than a slice. Further one should study Matrixing Technologies if they wish to make heads and tails of the whole thing.

Find out how to put the different chi energy of the martial arts together. Head on over to Monster Martial Arts and get a free copy of the book, ‘How I Discovered Matrixing.’

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